About Kevin the Traveler - A Travel Blog by Kevin Hickey
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The year was 1977 and I was 8 years old.  I didn’t know it but the initial seeds of my wanderlust were about to be planted.

I waited not-so-patiently in line along with hundreds of other moviegoers to see this new blockbuster space movie.  Even 42 years later I can remember the exact details of the entrance to the theater.  The sound and smell of popcorn popping comes from inside.   And I can still feel the palpable anticipation of knowing that in a few minutes I would be seeing Star Wars.

Not too long into the movie there is a scene with a young teenage Luke staring off into the desert at a double star sunset.  His inner voice is calling him to leave his home and go somewhere else.  He doesn’t know where, just that it is not here.

I remember thinking “I want to be that guy.”  To go other places.  To find that sunset.  My wanderlust was born in that moment.  It is a stirring that has a certain magic about it, and it has never left me.

My wife Nicole and I love traveling, finding new adventures, and meeting new people.  As the days count down to each new adventure that old magical stirring of an 8 year old boy always comes back to this now 50 year old man…and I love it.

This site is not only about sharing our travels.  Whether it is a piece of history, someone we meet along the way, a meal that we have, or something else.  There is always a story that goes along with it.  And it is always in one way or another a beautifully human one.